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HANAMETAL has been persuing new technology and new concept and new items with
its 21st Century's business philosophy "Customers First", since its establishment in 1996
and is considered now as a fast growing manufacturer of metal products as well as
a very reliable supplier of metal products to be used in the electric, steel mill, chemical,
power plant and construction industries.

HANAMETAL is a company who endlessly researches new technologies and produces
various kinds of metal products such as non-ferrous metallic materials as well as electrical
plant equipments. We think that it means the success of the company depending on
what kinds of technological innovation and trust is formed.

HANAMETAL is trying to get consistantly closer to all our customers in the name of
"Trustworthiness", and wish to be reputed as a company who fulfills its corporate
obligation and responsibility for our customers to be one of the best global companies
in the World eventually.